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Once you Log on to, and connect to any of our 2,000+ internet stores you will earn 1%-30% Cash Back just for shopping!

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Check out thousands of coupons (many exclusive)! Quickly access stores and products via our search to take online shopping to a new level!

How we Reward You... works with over 2,000+ stores who share a portion of their sales every time you buy. Most sites keep that share but we pass that money back to you in the form of a check!

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  1. CashBackMama
    I'm pretty sure the one stars on here work for the competition, because SAH is by far the most reliable and reputable cash back site on the web, with teh best customer service. Most frugal bloggers, such as myself, swear by the site and out of all the coupons and cash back sites trust the most. By far.
    Mar 05,2014 4:57pm
  2. CouponCathy
    Love Shopathome! I don't shop so much that I get cash back checks every month. But I do all my holiday shopping online and always use Shopathome. I've had only one time when a purchase did not get cash back. I made a mistake and used a coupon from another site, which does not work with cash back. Now and know and I'm more careful. I use my cash back checks as my mad money. :)
    Aug 23,2013 5:04pm
  3. angel4you
    NEVER SHOP FROM THIS SITE : This website looks like a SCAM to me, they don’t issue the cashback points in your account, by giving some false reasons. It has happened in my case, I contacted the merchant from which I had ordered few items via, and the merchant told me that they have made the payment already to shopathome, and these crappy guys are keeping my money by saying that the merchant has an issue with the cashback rebate. Worst customer service ever! They even issue the certain amount of cashback in the account first, send the email and delete it from the account after few days when they see that the total is approaching to $20 and they would have to issue the cashback checque to the customers. Sheer bullshit! They must improve their customer service or else the day wouldn’t be far when they have to close the doors.
    Apr 05,2013 9:42pm
  4. Simmah
    I see other people have been saying that the customer service at is lackluster. I have found that not to be the case. When I have a rebate that does not show up, I click on the trackback number that corresponds with the date, voice my concern and then copy and paste the recipt that corresponds with the cashback offer. It has worked every time. Shop at home also has a %110 guarantee, which is why I use this site. They honor that and I have gotten much more extra cash back from it. They at this time do write out paper checks quarterly and won't unless you accumulate more than $30, which might be why some people have not gotten cash back as of yet. I hope this helps somebody understand how shopathome's process works.
    Jun 08,2012 7:53pm
  5. JimmyC
    Terrible customer service. They will send an automated acknowledgement if you report a claim but that is the last time you will hear from them. Just too unreliable to use, IMHO. Too many other options available without the aggravation.
    Aug 28,2011 11:22am
  6. Tabby
    I have made four seperate purchases through Shop At Home and have received NOTHING! I have sent multiple claims and they have not responded. Very disappointed.
    Jul 07,2011 6:06pm
  7. jdschwartz78
    Cash back often does not post to your account. Customer inquiries seeking resolution go unanswered or face a significant delay in response. I will not use them in the future and strongly caution anyone considering using them. I would give them a zero star rating but apparently, it is not possible on this website.
    May 03,2011 4:51am
  8. sperry8
    Consistently at the top of % of cash back. However, they aren't always and are missing some websites (e.g., Aloft). Still - I use them often and they are one of my favorites. My biggest issue with them is that they only send paper checks - and don't use Paypal. It's 2010 fellas, time to get me my cash back electronically!
    Oct 21,2010 9:26pm
  9. zzzzrobin
    ShopAtHome consistently pays the highest percentages and is extremely consistent paying you on every click through to a site. I've never missed one, and always receive my cash back. I love getting back my own money on purchases I make anyway. ShopAtHome pays the % off the price before I use a coupon code too! I really love it!
    Aug 24,2010 12:49am