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First launched in 2005, Savings Watch is a shopping Web site that enables cash back and other savings when you shop online. Once you've signed up for a free membership, you may shop through Savings Watch and earn cash back on purchases from more than 1000 online stores. They also offers a wide range of coupons and fast cash opportunities. Savings Watch calculates your cash back based on your purchases and sends you a check once you accrue more than $10 in your rebate account.

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  1. versute
    Excellent cashback site. They give more cashback than ebates and mrRebates on many of the sites I shop at
    Oct 03,2011 5:45pm
  2. jojomillnd
    I used several cashback sites and this is the site I received my money from first.
    Jan 23,2011 8:49pm
  3. sperry8
    An excellent cash back website. Generally they beat the others at highest percentage for many large stores. Unfortunately (i) they don't offer on demand cash back payout. And when they pay, no Paypal, you have to wait for a check. (ii) they are missing many stores. However, when they have the stores - they generally win.
    Mar 17,2010 9:27pm