Average Rating offers the best online shopping deals, rebates, cash back and coupon discount codes. Their unique online rebates shopping site offers extensive coupons and deals collection with no minimum payout for your cash back. Browse thousands of popular brands, hot products, featured deals and find exactly what you want at discount prices. Getting hot deals for popular brands has never been easy!
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  1. dewydeeee
    I have recently got my second Pay Cheque from Pennyful and I must say that these Guys provide good Cash back as compared to other stores. I always do some research before shopping and every time I found Pennyful paying highest Cash Back. This time again they have raised the Cash Back up to 3.5% for best buy which is the highest.
    Jul 04,2011 1:34pm
  2. amy.biren
    gotta agree with bill.blake and the first 2, I have shopped at Pennyful and they have really exceeded my expectations in customer service and timely cash back payments. I did use a couple of coupons too, which worked perfectly well; I don't know what cashbackcrazy and the other guy r talking about. looks to me like they are competitors in disguise :P I totally recommend pennyful over other cash back programs.
    May 31,2011 6:45am
  3. castilo.ryan
    totally agree, wasted two hours on this junk site.
    May 06,2011 1:07pm
  4. cashbackcrazy
    Beware of pennyful scam postings. Their cashback program sucks. Their coupons do not work. Why bother with coupons that do not work which can confuse and frustrate people. They pay site owners to write about them. Do not fall for it.
    May 06,2011 6:07am
  5. bill.blake16
    I use when I shop at any online store. I just received my first Pennyful check and I have another one on the way! They also sent me a PayPal payout earlier. For anyone who wants a great shopping experience I would recommend that they shop through as I like them better than any other cash back site
    Jan 10,2011 5:47am
  6. sozey3
    Pennyful is awesome!! They're paying Double or More cash back till Christmas.. just bought air tickets through em on Orbitz. two thumbs way up indeed!!
    Nov 17,2010 7:08pm
  7. dealdiva
    Pennyful is an awesome and easy to use cash back shopping site. They also have the latest coupons and promotional codes, more than any other site I've seen, so that's another great thing. The 20% referral bonus and the $5 sign-up bonus are nice incentives, but nothing beats the fact that they have No Minimum Payout threshold, so you can redeem any amount of cash back that you earn! Great job guys, 2 thumbs way up.
    Nov 08,2010 2:02pm