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Our goal at Mr. Rebates is to make sure that our members save money on every online purchase that is made through our website. How do we help you save money on your online purchases? First, we offer a cash-back rebate at over 1000 popular stores like Best Buy, Dell, JCPenney, and more. Second, our staff adds daily money-saving coupons and special sales/price drops on hot products. The combination of the Mr. Rebates cash-back rebate plus coupons/sales insures that you will save money on your online purchases. This adds up to big savings every time you shop with Mr. Rebates!

Some people might ask "How is Mr. Rebates able to give cash-back from so many online stores?". Simple, the stores that you see on Mr. Rebates pay us a commission on each sale that is generated. Most shopping-based websites keep that commission for themselves but we refund a good portion of that commission to you! We consistently supply our shoppers with online coupons, discounts and cash-back rebates to make shopping via Mr. Rebates economical and fun.

We think you will be very happy with your shopping experience at Mr. Rebates. We have over 1000 stores for you to choose from, so we're sure you'll find a store that carries the products you are looking for.

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  1. patdmania
    This is an awesome concept! I have used this for about 2 years. I have received around 150-200 dollars back just buying going to this website before i buy anything online.
    Nov 13,2012 4:56pm
  2. jlee
    I've made many purchases through Mr Rebates and just about every purchase has been flawless. They send you a confirmation when the sale is registered and a reminder to cash out when the funds hit your account. They are one of the most reliable of cashback sites.
    Aug 16,2012 6:16am
  3. jqin13
    Never got any cashback rebate from Staples through Mr.Rebate. But always got a manual adjustment after I inquiried. I tried ordering from different computers also. NO click ever get registered with them any more. I tried ordering from different internet surfing tools and different computers, still disappointed me. I will order to staples through other cash back site instead of Mr.Rebates.
    Apr 20,2012 2:01am
  4. JackieC
    Love bigcrumbs. Just got a nice payout from them directly into my paypal account. Very happy. I'd recommend these guys for sure.
    May 13,2011 9:39am
  5. cmonkey
    I've had no problems with Mr Rebates. In my opinion, they are one of the best around. I find that they have one of the best varieties of stores and typically offer a good cash back amount. I've cashed out via paypal with no problem. The only negative I'd say is the site is a old looking but as long as they pay out, it works for me.
    Apr 12,2011 7:08am
  6. satyr64
    NO click ever get registered with them any more. I tried ordering from different computers also. Avoid using them when other cash back site give me results
    Apr 11,2011 11:01am
  7. sidekickin07
    About a year ago they were all I would use ,but over the last 6 months nothing but issues. Cash back not showing up, CS not telling me why. My cash back check being lost in the mail (so they claim). I no longer use them, avoid them at all costs !!!
    Feb 18,2011 1:10am
  8. sperry8
    I agree with the other posters, you get your money and your clicks count. However, they aren't always the highest %. If they just upped the %'s a little bit, they'd surpass ShopAtHome as my fave. And they use Paypal too. Def a huge + in my book. Now, just share a bit more of that money and I'll up my star ranking!
    Oct 21,2010 9:28pm
  9. mdv8ed
    I have had the same experience as TheMountainMan - consistency and reliabity. There are even the odd times that I know I can get a little higher percentage with another cashback program but I will select Mr. Rebates because I KNOW I will get my cashback AND without any problems.
    Aug 13,2010 12:35am
  10. TheMountainMan
    Mr. Rebates pays a constant 3% on eBay purchases, and has been rock solid about never having missed a click-thru. On other sites, it has been rock solid as well.
    Aug 04,2010 1:47pm