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Lootzi is a website designed for people who don't want to pay full price for their online purchases. Lootzi is simple shopping and cash back rewards created by and for shoppers. They offer a variety of merchants from your everyday shopping. Lootzi goes out of there way to provide the best cash back percentages to build up your account by developing strong merchant relationships.
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  1. NickRivers
    Sharing coupons through email, Twitter and Facebook has been added to Lootzi.
    Dec 14,2010 3:53pm
  2. Iamcool
    This is a nice simple, clean coupons and cash back site. I like the fact that it is clutter/ad free unlike other sites. Hopefully they will implement an easy way to share coupons soon! I use this site to revisit and click to buy what I've found at my favorite stores to take advantage of their cash back and additional coupons they post. Also, 25% referral rate is sweet!
    Oct 20,2010 6:03pm