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FatWallet.com earns commissions on purchases you make through Cash Back stores. When we get paid, we share part of our commission with you. Why? Because when we share, we win!

FatWallet.com membership is free, safe and spamless. We never sell, lease or share your personal information.

We partner with your favorite merchants to create Cash Back stores. When you sign into your FatWallet account, we track what you earn through our Cash Back stores.

Sign into FatWallet and check out the Cash Back Stores – we have all your favorites. Click on a special offer or coupon deal to shop the merchant's site. When you see the FatWallet Cash Back pop-up, you know you're on track. Your online purchases earn Cash Back rebates that build in your FatWallet account. The more you buy, the more you earn. Sending flowers, need a new PC, planning a vacation? Go ahead! You're earning cold, hard Cash Back!

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  1. Iamcool
    When I want cash back, I use FatWallet. The rate may not be the highest, but I trust FatWallet. I'm confident they have my best interest in mind and they go out of their way to help me if there is a problem with the store I'm shopping at through them. And, the deals and coupon codes at FatWallet in their hot deals forum and in their best deals section are some of the best I can find online.
    Jun 08,2010 3:58pm