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Extrabux is the first website to combine comparison shopping with coupons and cash back discounts. When you shop online through Extrabux, they earn a sales commission on anything you buy. Extrabux passes the majority of this commission to you as a cash back discount. With one simple search, you can compare prices, find money-saving coupons, and get cash back! One unique option with Extrabux is that they give you the option to donate a portion or all of your cash back to a charity. Just choose a charity and how much you want to donate and Extrabux's take care of the rest!
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  1. colincarmichael
    I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from 6pm.com through extrabux. They are refusing to pay rebates on about 25% of those purchases, claiming I didn't click through their site. This isn't true. These guys are thieves. Their customer service is TERRIBLE. They claim to not have any phone support and will not call you to try and resolve problems. They are very slow to respond to email. Do not bother with these guys. Try CashBackHouse - a much more reputable company that provides larger rebates for most of these stores.
    Jun 22,2013 6:24am
    Extrabux deleted all my comments on their wall on Facebook in order to hide their wrong doing (I still have a copy in my inbox fortunately). They have tons of positive comments on their FB wall really makes me wonder. Check out their reviews on BBB before using them (they score a C+!)! I filed a complaint against them on BBB. Here's my case: I made 2 purchases at points.com through extrabux (2x $575 purchases). Purchases never show up and after contacting extrabux they made the amount confirmed and then available. When I requested the payment, and it showed 'processing' for almost 2 weeks and I contacted them about this and they said, 'we never get approval from points.com'. Who on earth knows whether they have ever gotten the $ from points.com. Google it before using the company - definitely not recommended.
    Nov 15,2012 12:08pm
  3. citynomad
    Extrabux is a fraudulent company. They still owe me as much as $258.60 (I am not kidding!) for purchases they acknowledged (!) I made through their site. They refuse to post cashback, and, after my repeated inquiries, they stopped answering my emails altogether. And email is the only way to get in touch with them – they don’t publish their phone numbers anywhere. Stay away from this company; make your purchases through a site that may not promise you the moon, but one that actually pays what it promises. MrRebates, BigCrumbs, Ebates and ShopAtHome are all reliable. Extrabux (and its sister site BargainMatch.com) are not! Stay away from them!
    Dec 23,2011 8:10am
  4. RandRose
    5 STARS, One of the Best rebate sites that they are. Your Rebate check is mailed to you in just a few days and another great fact is that your rebates never expire. They save them right in your account til you ask for them.
    Dec 06,2011 12:25am
  5. tiredofripoffs
    Watch out! I think that the only people who make extra bucks are the Extrabux people! I was impressed by a review of Extrabux I saw on a consumer advice site. So I looked up the Extrabux site which was also impressive. But when I started browsing the site, my enchantment quickly dissipated. Extrabux prices for the items I compared (about 30) were all considerably higher than prices for the same item readily available elsewhere online - even after taking into account Extrabux’s coupons (if any) and rebate. One of the first products I looked up on Extrabux was “SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 150ml.” The lowest price Extrabux showed after coupons (none) and rebates was $142.60. Then I Googled the same product and found it on Amazon for $109.85 and for $104.89 from another store featured on Amazon. I didn’t find any coupons listed at all for any of the specific items I checked out, and if I looked up a internet store (as opposed to a brick and mortar one) on Extrabux, the coupons available through Extrabux were the same ones that were listed on the store’s own site. The coupons offered are nothing similar to what might be found on a rebate site, which is what I was expecting. To be fair, this might not be the case for every item or every store, but it was for 100% of the items and stores that I looked up. Another problem was finding what I wanted on the Extrabux site. Product searches are extremely time-consuming and frustrating because the site has very, very few search filters. A couple of times when I tried to look up an item and got more that 100,000 results, I tried to look up the item a few more times using different search words, but to no avail. I either got way too many results or none at all. I can’t imagine that some of the very basic products I looked for were not on Extrabux, but either they weren’t or I just couldn’t find them, neither of which was helpful to me. When I looked up “Fisher Price Tot Rod Battery,” I got 108,741 results - which didn’t narrow it down a whole lot. On the first page of 25 results sorted by relevance, I got 9 Fisher Price items including a bassinet, record player, bathtub, 2-in-1 projection mobile and a “rocker activity seat.” The other 17 items on the first page included “Deployment Assistance Services,” an HP laptop, a “Garmin Waterproof GPS with Compass & Barometric Altimeter,” “Team Vehicle Installation Labor,” a Viewsonic 3-d ready projector, a Ricoh laser printer, a Brother fax/ copier, a digital camera, and finally, a “Flake-Stye Ice Maker with a remote condenser (priced separately).” You don’t have to be a “member” to use Extrabux, but if you don’t register, you don’t get any rebates. That’s understandable - kind of. But what worried me was the fact that Extrabux assigns you your password, and it isn’t possible to change it to one that you pick out yourself. So if you don’t register, you can’t get any rebates, and if you do provide the information necessary to register, you have to use the password that Extrabux assigns. A couple of times that I tried to use Extrabux (and I have probably tried 10-15 times), the site was down, which wasn’t the end of the world, but did make me wonder if something might be down when my order is supposed to be communicated to the vendor, or my credit card information transmitted, etc.. Even in general, having a site down 13-20% of the time isn’t a good thing. Extrabux has a couple of press releases that makes the founders look like a couple of young, fresh-faced entrepreneurs. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, but one doesn’t get that impression up close and personal. Talk with one of them was friendly until I mentioned that the prices on Extrabux’s website were not that low, and was told that Extrabux “never said that it had the lowest prices.” Still, after thinking about it, I remembered that adage that things that seem too good to be true probably are. Why did I think that Extrabux could provide the lowest prices when the stores that use Extrabux have to charge the shopper enough extra to cover not only the rebates that Extrabux says it will give its customers (I’ve never had one), but also enough to cover Extrabux’s overhead and profit for its owners. I suppose that I really am the dumb one. Hopefully this comment will save someone else a little time and frustration. Bottom line - this place is a scam.
    Jul 28,2011 8:13pm
  6. mgress
    Did not receive any sign up bonus as stated here.
    Jul 10,2011 3:50am
  7. skynwink
    I love getting cash back from Extrabux. I use it all the time and they've never missed any of my orders. I make sure to follow the directions to get my cash back so I don't miss any! I especially like that you can get cash back any time - not just quarterly and that they'll send it to PayPal.
    Jun 22,2011 11:55pm
  8. pjoner
    made a purchase in November and still have not seen my cash back.
    Mar 03,2011 12:49am
  9. Trizu
    I've been waiting nearly 5 months for my cash back, which to this day is in a "processing" status. The company does not respond to email or facebook inquiries. Do not use them.
    Feb 14,2011 12:12am
  10. hester14
    Cash back very quickly!I received the money the next day!
    Dec 05,2010 3:09pm