Average Rating is the place to go for the best online coupons and cash back shopping. Why pay the full retail prices everyone else pays? Come to Coupon Cactus where we scour the web for the biggest coupons, deals and sales at over 2,000 of the best known stores.

On Coupon Cactus you'll find thousands of online coupons and coupon codes with a variety of discounts including instant money off your order and free shipping. We also have links to fantastic deals, clearance sales, and other great promotions. These coupons are free to everyone and there is no registration required.

We also offer a cash back shopping program which Coupon Cactus members can use on top of the great coupon discounts they already receive. For example, if you use a 15% off coupon code and the store's cash back rate is 4% then you will save a total of 19% on your order. Almost every store on Coupon Cactus qualifies for cash back and all you need to do to get started is to Sign-Up and let us know where to send your cash back.

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  1. Gotham City Madman
    Best Site ever... Period. Granted I was skeptical at first, but I gave it a try. I needed to purchase hardwood flooring. Went to Couponcactus, found a killer coupon for lumber liquidators. So, not only was my purchase discounted ( 15% off!! )... but I also got a big fat check in the mail a few weeks later. I use it for every online purchase now...even ebay!
    Nov 18,2010 2:42pm
  2. mish
    When buying online, I always check Coupon Cactus. They have some great deals and I love getting the extra cash back.
    Nov 12,2010 2:13am
    As a SAVVY shopper, I truly appreciate when a GREAT service like Coupon Cactus comes along. I am a busy, full-time working mother of 4. I don't have time to get in my car and drive from store to store looking for a deal. I prefer to shop from the comfort of home and I always start my shopping with Coupon Cactus. Every time. I get CASH BACK and GREAT DEALS....what more could a SAVVY SHOPPER ask for?
    Nov 11,2010 11:42pm
  4. Kateznitry
    Love CouponCactus. Using it all the time and saving big $$. Thank you for being here for us.
    Nov 11,2010 7:59pm
  5. jas
    I've only used CouponCactus a few times for office supplies and i haven't been disappointed. Getting free shipping is always nice and getting free money is even nicer. I don't do any online shopping without checking what kind of deals CouponCactus has to offer. Christmas shopping is going to be easy, affordable and rewarding!
    Nov 11,2010 7:19pm
  6. SharonG
    I live outside of the U.S. (where everything is more expensive!) so I rely quite a bit on online shopping. With three growing boys who wear things out before they can be handed down—I’m constantly buying clothes and shoes. I check CouponCactus before I go anywhere else, and I usually find what I need and get a good discount as well as cash back. Their search function can help you find individual products, not just stores, so it’s easy to comparison shop. I also find this a great way to get to know new or lesser-known stores, who are usually the ones to ship overseas, and also seem to offer better coupons. Once you are a member (which is free) you also earn cash back on all of your purchases, which comes four times a year—either to your PayPal account or as a check in the mail. I actually started using their coupons before becoming a member, and once I signed up I was very sorry that I didn’t do it sooner, since getting the money back is so simple. In fact, I usually forget all about it, until I notice that my PayPal account has suddenly grown! I think there’s also a way to earn by referring friends. I did find their site a little awkward when I first signed up, but they’ve recently redone things, so if you had trouble with them in the past—you should definitely try again.
    Nov 11,2010 7:09pm
  7. jbriggs
    Simply said... a very reliable coupon company that offers a CASH BACK that got me even more money. It doesn't take a genius to know we go to coupon code sites to save, so when I found Coupon Cactus it changed the way I thought about buying retail. I told just about everyone I knew because I could get CASH BACK on their purchases as well! I now expect to save 10%, 20%, 30% on most online purchases plus get more money in my pocket. I wonder why these retailers don't just give me the money off in the first place? Coupon Cactus lets me me NO money on the table! They even started me out with $5 CASH BACK just for becoming a member. I can't give them 5 stars because the owners must be a little crazy giving out money like that... "So your going to give me $5 if I want to get more money off my purchase? HELL YA!" They definitely understand what we are all going through. That would make a great tagline... Coupon Cactus... We understand.
    Nov 11,2010 7:08pm
  8. 1red-head
    I'm a stay-at-home mom and I've been using Coupon Cactus for two years, and sometimes I am amazed at the cash back offers—often too good to be true. My purchases are always quickly accounted for, without a hitch. I love that I can use a merchant's loyalty coupon on top of the additional cash-back savings, for me that tips the scales for who gets my business (and who does not!). What makes this site so valuable is that I earn extra cash back for the things I am buying anyway. Just yesterday I saved an ADDITIONAL 11% on party supplies for my daughter's birthday. Little by little, all of this adds up to a nice check each quarter. And the PayPal deposits are super convenient, I don't have drive to my bank to deposit checks. Also wanted to add that their customer service responds quickly--usually within minutes--and has never failed to resolve any question or issue I may have had. Best coupon site out there, in my opinion.
    Nov 11,2010 6:39pm
  9. cpmd
    This review is for couponcactus. I also had a problem with getting the credit for at&t's promotion, however, it was handled very professionally by Khurram, and I did receive the credit on I will be receiving a check soon, and I will follow up once I do get it. Other website also do have problems when you have to get cash back, but in this particular situation, it has been handled very well, and I'll use the website in the future.
    Nov 11,2010 7:29am