Average Rating provides shoppers with the opportunity to earn cash just by shopping at their favorite online stores. With hundreds of online stores and services, including big names like AOL, Dell, Overstock and Target, to choose from, you can earn money buying virtually anything you want. Whether you are buying a new computer, designer apparel, jewelry, booking a vacation, or even buying something small like office supplies, you can earn money virtually each and every time you make a purchase online.

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  1. chip0chip
    I am a member at cashbaq. I earned a check in Nov which I never received via USPS. I have submitted 6 tickets with their customer service and a phone message since 12/3. As of yet, I have neither heard back from them nor received the check. To this point, I have concluded that 1) their customer service is non existent or is ignoring me. 2) stated cash payouts are irrelevant if they do not pay your earnings
    Dec 23,2010 6:46pm