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Bing cashback is a great way for you to save money when you shop online. Find great deals on millions of products from hundreds of brand name stores that you know and trust. You'll earn a percentage of the product price as cashback. The search advertising fees from participating stores are passed on to you. After we wait for potential returns and exchanges, your savings will be rewarded to you by your choice of a deposit to your PayPal account, direct deposit to your bank account, or a check in the mail. It's that simple.

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  1. sperry8
    One of the best - but for ecommerce only. Almost always have the highest cash back percentages. They do not offer cash back for travel websites. They also need to better their search functionality - they differ from the other cash back websites in that you are required to search by product if you want to find out the actual percentage you will earn. They offer an on demand payout via Paypal.
    Mar 17,2010 9:31pm
  2. misty23
    By far one of the best cash back sites. It is a microsoft property and it cannot be more legit than that. I have collected hundreds in cash back savings. They do have a 3 month hold period before your cash can be withdrawn. And they do accept paypal.
    Mar 04,2010 12:47pm