Average Rating exists for two reasons. First, we empower consumers to maximize their hard-earned dollars by providing the highest overall cash back rewards of any website or "rewards" credit card. In addition, we work hard to bring you special offers such as free gifts, free shipping, and discounts when shopping online at your favorite retailers.

Second, we provide an extremely easy and fun income opportunity that also features very low startup costs. In fact, it's FREE! Many people continue to work jobs they dislike, spending the majority of their waking hours during their prime years in misery. Others may not particularly dislike their jobs, but would prefer a different lifestyle. Whether this means staying home with the kids, travelling more or just plain having a better balance between work and personal time.

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  1. jlee
    BigCrumbs is very good. They have excellent rates and an easy interface. Just be careful for sites that say 'up to'. Overall, they are definitely one of the best.
    Aug 22,2012 4:42am
  2. amy.biren
    the most unusable scam site ever.
    May 31,2011 6:49am
  3. icebean
    I find their website really easy to navigate and I don't have any issue with determining how much the rebate I'm entitled to is. They are usually at or near the top as far as the percentage back being offered and they have a very good mix of partner stores -- at least it works for me. On the day that I figured I should be getting notification of a coming rebate they actually deposited the money directly into my PayPal account! Easy, breezy -- no hitches, no problems, no kidding! My latest find is that I can get additional money off Groupons by going through -- so I get a discount on my already 50% discounted vouchers! Bargain!
    Mar 22,2011 6:21am
  4. NSNE
    It often looks as if BC offers the highest cashback, but the catch lies in the "up to" that precedes it. Be sure to read their cash back tiers -- down below in the fine print -- carefully. Usually the highest casback is contingent upon buying from some obscure category of the retailer's site. There are referral hoops you can jump through to increase your draw, but in my personal experience it's been much easier to go through a cashback provider that offers a flat across-the-board percentage.
    Feb 03,2011 6:40pm
  5. sperry8
    I'm with the MountainMan, their cash back is confusing. I can't easily figure out what 5 they are trying to offer me. I need to understand exactly what I'm going to get. It seems from his post they may be the highest on ebay. And if thats true, 5 stars! But I can't figure out exactly what I'm going to get before I buy. Why make this so hard to figure out BigCrumbs? Simplify, simplify, simplify! If you did this you might be one the best.
    Nov 19,2010 7:45am
  6. TheMountainMan
    BigCrumbs has a unique method of offering cashback on eBay, paying 36% of the SELLER'S FEES. While this is a bit confusing at first, once you figure out what the seller's fee for the item you want to buy will be, you can get a pretty good idea of approximately what rebate you will receive. For eBay stores, the highest eBay store fee categories are currently, Books, DVD's & Movies, Music and Video Games, which currently have sellers fees of 15% of the final sale price up to $50.00, so the cashback is 36% of the 15% fee the seller has to pay. Other eBay store catagories have lower seller's fees so be sure to check out the eBay seller's fee pages before you bid. For lower cost items, such as those under $20.00 that are sold in eBay stores, BigCrumbs frequently has one of the better cashback payouts. BigCrumbs also has a very good support system for missing cashback requests. BigCrumbs also offers a decent cashback rate for many other websites.
    Aug 04,2010 2:39pm