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  1. Shawper
    I have rarely had problems with cash back transactions and the few times I have, I contacted them with the transaction information and they came through within a couple days. I have had issues with other cash back providers with sometimes not tracking a transaction and don't seem to find that Active Junky is any better or worse than the rest for occasionally missing a transaction. What I like is that they do eventually come through once you send them the information they require to fulfill the cash back.
    Oct 04,2015 5:26am
  2. d15
    This company is a joke. I ordered from The Clymb through ActiveJunky because they had the highest cash back rate of 11% compared to all other sites. Upon waiting and never receiving the cash back a few days after my purchase, I submitted a help ticket request to Active Junky; I had to submit two requests before they finally answered me 5 days later claiming they were at the "mercy" of the retailer from which they had to retrieve the credit for the sale, so that they could finally pay me. I continued waiting and never heard back from Active Junky til this day. And I still haven't gotten my 11% back.
    Jul 18,2015 3:25am
  3. mb123
    Not a reputable cash back website - tried one transaction with small order and was denied cash back because they claimed I used another clickthrough website. If something looks too good to be true, it is a scam!
    Feb 24,2014 3:24pm
  4. Skico1987
    Found to get 10% back on my new Rossi skis. Cash just posted today. Free $70 bucks is pretty sweet!
    Feb 13,2013 7:06pm
  5. zhghuizhg
    A dishonest site,they will tell you many many reasons that you are wrong,you don`t earn any cash back because one two three. infact,you act in full accordance with their requirements.maybe their requirements is wrong.
    Feb 13,2013 6:46am